This is for those: I don’t feel like it; I can’t be bothered today, moments.

We all get them.  Late night. Too much work. It’s raining. I’ll go tomorrow. There are a shed load of books on motivation, and endless lists of motivational quotes from gurus of the coaching world – Google brings up 16,300,000 results. But sometimes all it needs is an image. This image needs no explanation.

It works for me.

4 female divers doing one handed handstands in a park

Image from Sarah Barrow’s diving blog

Sarah Barrow is one of Great Britain’s most successful female platform divers of all time, having won European gold and World Cup bronze for 10m Synchro in 2012. In this blog, she looks back on the fifth leg of the 2014 FINA/NVC Diving World Series in Windsor, Canada where she won 10m Synchro silver with partner Tonia Couch and reached the individual 10m final.