a bit about alan – why no ball games?

no ball games

No ball games page image showing young boy with a ball playing under a no ball games sign - Vietato il gioco del pallone

No ball games signs (Vietato il gioco del pallone) are taken seriously in Italy.

No Ball Games can be found everywhere. This site appeared in 2012, but it started in my head many years ago. It exists because I have a passion for sport, and play, and all those daft activities that make life more enjoyable and the world seem a better place. Occasionally, I write about it here.

who am I?

I am Alan Williams. I am a sports specialist and project manager based in Sheffield, England.

For over 30 years I have managed projects focused around improvements and regeneration of open spaces, from parks and playgrounds to sports facilities.

Sport features strongly in my background, and I take the lead for strategic sports facilities planning across Sheffield. And I am passionate about providing facilities and services which encourage outdoor activity and play and enrich the quality of life.

Much of my time is spent working with communities and community groups. Often starting with the common problems of crime and anti-social behaviour, before taking control back and moving to a more positive agenda.

image of alan williams winning the tour de france

windy williams wins again – and then he woke up!

I live in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District, where I am often found riding my lovely bike, or walking the hills with my dog.

Sunsets, the sea, windsurfing, walking, cycling and volleyball light me up!

I am, and will always be, a Nottingham Forest fan – “we’ve been to Europe, we’ve won the cup twice…”

a potted autobiography

Image of miners at Creswell Colliery

Hard, dirty and hazardous work, but wonderful camaraderie.

whatever interests is interesting