Citrix Receiver Not Working with El Capitan

It was  working well before upgrade to El Capitan and corresponding Citrix Receiver 12.01

I had been running Citrix Receiver (CR) on my iMac, with Yosemite, for many months and all was smooth. Well, as smooth as remote access gets. Then I stump up a load of cash and treat myself to a new iMac.

The 27-inch with Retina display is a thing of beauty. Sometimes I just sit and look at it, it’s so nice. Nothing is good enough for the lovely thing, so I decide to install a fresh version of Citric Receiver. Even Citrix are along with my trip and have kindly produced a new version of CR for El Cap: 12.01. But it didn’t work. I was able to load CR and get as far as the Managed Service Desktop icon. Then the little gear spun and fizzled out like a wet firework.

Image showing the Managed Service Desktop and other icons

The little gear spins, but it fizzles out like a wet firework

Cue 6 weeks of searching, a lot of fiddling and much swearing – swearing seems to be one of my strong points, and I get plenty of opportunity to polish it to perfection before arriving at a solution and getting the rocket to launch.

Image taken from Citrix website

So what did I do? Read on.

Option 1

Search a lot. Swear a lot. Fiddle a lot. Repeat many times.

Option 2

If , like me, you have a Macbook with Citrix Receiver on, and this works, connect to the Macbook through screen share. Not a fantastic aesthetic experience, but it works. And, before you ask, I find it preferable to working on the laptop.

Wait for it!

Option 3

  1. Uninstall Citrix Receiver. To do this, download a fresh version of Receiver; this comes with the uninstaller. All is quick and easy.
  2. Reinstall CR, but don’t use the 12.01 version recommended for El Captain, instead use 12.0.

This worked for me and all is up and running again.

Now to find something else to swear at.