Bart Wolfs and Spinnov win ProFit Design competition

Bart Wolfs and Spinnov have won the ProFit Design competition with the Cone2020, an intelligent cone that enriches the sporting experience.

What is the Cone2020?

The Cone2020 is a cone which assumes a directive role in sports and play. It senses the presence of players and play objects and tries to send or lure them into certain directions using lights. The principle of making players react to moving lights can be used in various sports and games.

What is the ProFit Design competition?

It is a design competition looking for innovative solutions that stimulate the young and elderly to move. The competition was held in four cities: Eindhoven, Delft, Kortrijk and Sheffield. Following the award, Bart said. ” … together with Spinnov I was the winner in Sheffield. We received 20,000 euros for the development of an improved set of cones that will be used in a public park in Sheffield for a period of one year. In addition, the University of Sheffield will do research on the use and game experience of the Cone2020″.

Since the award…
Bart and Spinnov have been working on the prototype to make it accessible for other uses in addition to football training. Here is the early work:

Cone2020(children play) from Bart Wolfs on Vimeo.

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