oggi corro

Time to stop messing around at a desk and get out on my bike in the lovely, warm, March sunshine. So off on my bike to: Bradwell, Foolow, Longstone Edge, Ashford in the Water, Sheldon, Chelmorton, Millersdale, Tideswell. All in all about 40 miles.

A bright mood was dimmed by the site of a motorcyclist lying bemused on across the road in Longstone – wrong place, wrong setting for a scene like this: people milling around; lights flashing and the sound or sirens in a quite village in the middle of nowhere – all too real.

The heavy climbs of Bradwell, Longstone Edge and Sheldon rolled by easy, but  the 3 miles steady ascent along Flag Lane, which I usually love, was such a drag as a fresh head wind funnelled down the road.  The slick Tarmac of the A6 and descent to Millers Dale gave some relief before I heavy legged it up to Tideswell.

Pleased to be back home with my dog, a bench in the sun and a pot of tea!

Jeffreys Lane on the way out from Bradwell.

Magpie Mine, near Sheldon