It has been raining hard, on and off, for two weeks’.

I have been on holiday during this time and took the off times to get out for a walk, or ride my bike in the rare dry moments.

Then: the Dyson blew up; the hair dryer blew up; and the sink pipe came loose and moulded the contents in the cupboard. It took ages to clean and the house was full of wet stuff, as it’s too wet outside to dry it all out.

I went for a run to lighten the mood – the drizzle and the rain shine off the grass and leaves felt good, and the fresh air cleared my head. What’s to moan about? Then, nearing the end, I badly pulled a calf muscle and limped home.

Today the rain gave up for a while and looks like we may get some dry, bright stuff, which is what I have been eagerly planning for. Shame about the calf; why always me? Oh well, there is always coffee in the bookshop, which I find a great mood lifter.

On the way home a helicopter was buzzing around with urgency, low in the sky: a lady from Bradwell had been swept away in the river with her dogs and drowned.