the spiked school wall

The wall at Lowfield Primary School, Sheffield has grown a spiked top. The logic behind anyone thinking this is a good idea beats me! It’s just at a height were a young child can’t see, but may be able to jump up and grab the top. To make matters worse, it appears to have been installed to prevent children sitting on top, rather than to keep people out – which it will not.


As a young boy I liked nothing better than climbing. I would climb anything and frequently got into to trouble for doing so. Often found scaling the natural environment, scaring myself silly inching along thin branches of high trees, which swayed in the wind, I would also climb any man made structure I could get my hands on. This worried the life out of my poor mum. And, if replacing shoes with holed toes wasn’t a big enough irritation for my dad, he was regularly called out to rescue his eight year old from the roofs of various buildings in the neighbourhood. A memorable occasion being having to get me down from the asbestos domed roof of a prefab, which was built to house Polish refugees from WW2.

Seeing the spikes recalled my childhood days and, with out doubt, I know my shoes would not have been the only things with holes in.